Imran Ali

SCORE-00 ☠️

Istefaque Sk

SCORE- 00 ☠️

Total Score ➡️ 48 ( I want to 400 Score every week )

👽 Start the game 👽 06/03/2023


1)You have to complete this game within 5 months.That means a total score of 2000 must be completed within five months. If you play very well then you will be declared winner before 5 months and will be given a prize of 10 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

2)If you break the rules of the game or don’t play according to the rules then you will be severely punished.

3)The rules of this game require either of you to take a testosterone and sputum test every week.

4)Email us for more details and to speak with us directly.